Besides blogging I write articles for various publications from time to time and I am currently in the early stages of writing an ebook on web components.

I am in the process of writing a book on Polymer for d.punkt publishing.

Here is a list of articles I wrote so far:

TypedArray or DataView: Understanding byte order

Mozilla Hacks, 01/2017


Life of a pixel

Archilogic Blog, 5/2016

Part 1

Writing a 3D space rail shooter in Three.js

Packt Publishing Blog, 10/2015

Part 1,
Part 2,
Part 3


Archilogic Blog, 10/2014


Extending the web with web components

HTML5Hub, 24.04.2014


Dateien sicher tauschen

Screenguide #19, 09/2013


Screenguide #15, 09/2012

Unrelated side note:

Check out the great Marketing Workshop from a friend of mine.