A List of small experiments can be found on my exposition site.

Search Experiments

I also do some search experiments at another subdomain. :)

Tango WebVR 6DoF

Using Google Tango and WebVR with WebGL to get six degrees of freedom in a demo.
This means, that moving around in the real world also moves the user around in the virtual world. This is also known as "roomscale VR".

Video of the demo
Code on Github

Zurich 3D

Using the digital surface model (Open Data by GIS Zentrum ZH) to create a 3D representation in the browser.

See it in action here
Code on Github


Demos the possibility of doing Augmented Reality using WebGL, getUserMedia and a Browser on mobile.

You can have a look at this video here, try the online demo on your phone or take a peek at the source code


Experimenting with Isomer.js to build a simple, block-based and mobile-friendly 3D editor.
Give it a spin here or check it out on Github

Cellular Dungeon

Creates dungeons using a cellular automaton.
Check out the web version or the [Github Repository]http://github.com/avgp/cellular-dungeon/)

Open data visualisation with D3.js

Using some open data on energy production for Germany and Switzerland, I had a go at D3.js.

The swiss energy production
and the german energy production can be visualized over time - [the source is available on Github, of course].

Blogdown (discontinued)

A proof-of-concept markdown-based blogging application using Firebase for data storage.

See it in action
Github repository