Want me as a speaker on your conference?

Thanks, that's nice!
Please tell me what you'd like me to talk about and the audience I will be talking to (average age, casual or business, designers/developers/PMs/etc) and what your conference is about.

What you'll get

A prepared, rehearsed talk that addresses your audience and the characteristics of your conference.
You also get to pick the topic - even if I gave the talk before, I will always adapt it to your conference and audience.

I make sure I'm prepared and ready for the talk and that I'm available to the other attendees for questions and chit-chat before and after the talk.

Also please note that I'd need you to do some things for me:

Travel & Accomodation

Please cover my travel and accomodation expenses - it doesn't need to be a business class flight or a shiny hotel (gimme a room with a bed and we're cool), though.

I'm investing time and energy to prep a nice, individual talk for your audience - that takes time and I'd like to focus on that rather than planning and handling my expenses.
If you can't cover my travel and accomodation, let's talk right upfront about it.

On the topic of speaker expenses, I highly recommend reading this article that explains why this is important to me and many others.

Have a solid stage setup

I'll bring my own laptop and presenter.

But please tell me what video connector I can expect, have a reasonable beamer with enough contrast and provide a microphone. Have your setup tested before I jump on stage.
Recording the audio and video is a plus, but not required.
If you do it, I'm fine with it.

Get me!

If that's all alright with you, drop me a message on twitter.

Speaker Bio & Pictures


Martin is pretty decent at humaning and pretty good at computering,
so he decided to use his computering to improve his and other's humaning.

He loves the open web and open source and helps to make things better with, but not limited to, code.


Martin is open source contributor and web evangelist by heart from Zurich
with a decade experience from the trenches of software engineering in multiple fields.

He works as a Webmasters Trends Analyst / Developer Advocate at Google for Search & web ecosystem.
He helps people building applications or publishing content on the web to be successful, productive and visible.

Martin believes in the web platform and is working with bleeding edge technologies that will allow the web to prosper.