From web apps to hybrid mobile apps

Leveraging web technologies for making native mobile applications

That's me

R&D team @ Centralway

I <3 the web


avgp / martin-naumann

What's in for you

3 months of research, cutting edge stuff & lessons learnt

What's not in for you

The one way, definitive decision, code

What the web can do

Device Orientation
Offline Mode
Local Storage

What hybrid apps are

 Web app

+ native extensions

+ native packaging& distribution

Full appsomeness <3

So much win

What you can do


UI Logic APIs

Fundamental question

HTML 5 / CSS / Javascript
- or -

General architecture


The next slide may feel like this:

Oh the options!

...that's the shortlist.

How to choose:

I/V: What's the goal?

How to choose:

II/V: Do you target multiple platforms from the beginning?

How to choose:

III/V: How many purely native features do you need? Which?

How to choose:

IV/V: Where is the complexity?

How to choose:

V/V: What about your team?

Don't trust anybody, test it yourself

(Martin's rule of mobile app development)

Thank you very much!


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